The agency is run by two agents and owners

Monika Jankowska and Hania Pałac

Ekstensa Literary Agency was established at the end of 2011 in Poznań. It is run by two agents – Monika Jankowska and Hania Pałac, both who majored in English and Russian and both addicted to book reading. Each of us has been building up her lists of clients and titles systematically and thoughtfully – Monika: children books, YA, SF and fantasy and all other related genres; Hania: fiction and non-fiction and self-help. We are both interested in the literature originating from the furthest corners of the world and exotic to Polish readers, that is why among our clients there are publishers, agents, and authors from India, Greece, Armenia, South Africa, China, or Italy. We look for interesting voices from Poland and we promote Polish literature outside of Poland.

We believe in such principles as building our clients’ trust and loyalty, engaging in what we do, and being open to new solutions.

Monika graduated from Russian and English Phylologies at Adam Mckiewicz Univeristy in Poznań. For years she's worked with kids and teenagers teaching languages. Recently she's caught the graphics bug and in 2014 took up graphic design studies. In her work as a literary agent she tries to combine her skills and passions in order to discover and bring to the public the most fascinating and beautiful books for the youngest as well as older readers. She loves travelling and can't imagine her life without a bicycle. A hammock is her favourite place to read, sleep and relax. Apart from children's literature she loves fantasy and science fiction books. In her free time she finds pleasure in watching series and playing board games.
Hania – majored in English and Russian and graduated from Poznań university, UAM, as well as took a postgraduate course in editing and publishing market at WWSH school in Warsaw. She worked at Pascal Publishing and in 2011 co-founded Ekstensa Literary Agency. In 2013 she spent several months in London and in Istanbul learning the ropes from others. She also works as a translator (mainly books but recently she has been venturing into film translation). Hania travels a lot (and that is what gives her inspiration at work) and after finishing her studies she spent a couple of months in India teaching kids in a local elementary school. Apart from that she loves mountains (not being picky, especially the Beskid Mountains where she comes from and the Tatra Mountains), music (e.g. jazz, alternative), and animals (except spiders). She is interested in several literary genres: contemporary and historical fiction, reportage, travel writing, biographies, Christian spirituality, and motivational books.